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CASA of the Continental Divide is a nonprofit organization that trains and supervises volunteers who advocate for and represent the best interests of victims of child abuse, neglect, and severe domestic conflict.

CASA volunteers are appointed by judges to be a voice for these children in court and in the community.  As a CASA Volunteer you help ensure that children are placed in safe, loving homes where they can thrive.

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In this 8 week volunteer training curriculum, students will complete 8 self-guided pre-work activities, participate in 8 in-person volunteer training sessions and observe 2 Dependency & Neglect court proceedings. This training is designed to give students a solid base of knowledge and skills to begin CASA volunteer work.

The in-person volunteer training sessions reinforce concepts learned in the self-guided on-line training sessions. Additionally, the in-person volunteer training session activities guest speakers are designed to stimulate critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The in-person volunteer training sessions are held at 330 Fiedler Ave. Ste. 101 Dillon, CO.  on Thursday evenings from 6:00pm-9:00pm from April 4, 2019 to May 23, 2019.

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Thank you for your interest in being a CASA/GAL volunteer! All volunteer advocates receive at least 30 hours of training before they are assigned a case.  Training provides the volunteer with much needed information about the standards for handling a case.  Training also is a wonderful opportunity to network with other volunteers, while learning about the needs of children and families in our community.



How to Apply

The CASA volunteer application must be completed on-line. Please review the instructions for completion prior to beginning your application.

Please apply here:  CASA Volunteer Application

Application instructions

Please gather the necessary information listed below prior to beginning the online application.  You will not be able to save the volunteer application and return at a later time to finish.

Once you have all your information at your fingertips, click on the Volunteer Application link above to complete the volunteer application.

1. Volunteer Experience: Names of Organizations- Names of Supervisors-Dates of Volunteerism- Responsibilities

2. Employment History for past five years: Name of Organizations-Titles-Responsibilities- Supervisor Names- Work Hours- Addresses- Phone Numbers-Dates of Employment

3. Motor Vehicle ID and Insurance Information

4. Three References: Names- Mailing Addresses- Phone Numbers- Email Addresses

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