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CASACD July 2018 Newsletter



Big Changes at CASACD!

Dear All:

After nearly 12 years with CASA I am leaving to take a position as the Social Worker MSW at St. Anthony’s Hospital in Frisco. It is with deep sadness and gratitude that I leave you. I am very proud of what we have accomplished together.  CASA of the Continental Divide will celebrate it’s 20th anniversary nextyear. It has grown and prospered through your efforts. In the time that I have had the privilege to serve as your executive director we have served 491 children, helping 285 get to safe permanent homes. Regardless of the outcome of your case I know that the children are better off because they know that people care for their welfare.

It gives me great satisfaction to know that through you I have had the opportunity to touch each child’s life.  Thank you for all of your hard work and faithfulness.  I honor you in my departure, because I know that without you CASA would not exist.

My last “official” day is July 20th however I will assist in the transition as needed through September.  We are very fortunate that Colleen Bergman will step in as interim executive director as the Board takes on the task of hiring a new director. I could not be more confident that I am leaving you in good hands.

Although, I am leaving CASA I will always be an ambassador for CASA and the work you do.  I will still be around and would love to have coffee or lunch with you some time.

Wishing you a very fond farewell,

Kathy Reed


CASACD is pleased to announce that we are currently hiring for several key positions.  If you or anyone you know is looking for a great place to work, supporting a great cause, please visit our website www.mtncasa.org and review the available positions.

Current Postions
Advocate Manager – Full Time
Development and Grants Coordinator – Part Time

Questions???  Give us a call at 970 513-9390


Court Reports 

During the busy days of summer it is more important than ever to give extra attention to your CASA kids and your Reports to the Courts!
  • Please double and triple check your report due dates. Remember that reports are due to your Advocate Manager 2 weeks prior to the Hearing Date
  • Please include a detailed CASA Overview. This is the section that the Judge reads first.  Be sure to include a summary of new, pertinent information to the case and your opinion on the matter.  For your convenience some template information is listed below
  • Always remember – Your Advocate Manager is here to be your teammate. Please reach out and ask questions if you are unsure or concerned about your case and/or reporting the information in your Court Report. (Please see the Volunteer Supervision section below.

    CASA Overview Template

    1. The Judges report that they read this section of the CASA Court Report first because, this is how CASA volunteer feels about how they view the case to this point and how they think the case is going.

    2. Considering that the body of the report is factual, objective and based on observations/documentation/reports from the Independent Case Investigation, here the CASA volunteer can address themselves in the first person, state questions, address concerns and voice opinions as it relates to the information indicated body of the CASA Court Report.

    3. CASA volunteers may want to discuss the child’s/family history, possibly pointing out a positive/negative pattern of behavior which is being observed right now. As well, address concerns (emphasized by evidence as listed in the body of the report) regarding the child/respondent parents, including barriers to successfully completing the objectives/action steps indicated in the Family Service Plan. Additionally, to indicate what services/resources are needed to meet the child’s basic needs; keeping their best interests in mind.

    4. At times, the CASA Court Report (and other reports from DHS, service providers, etc…) contain negative information; either based on facts or observations. It is helpful, if you can find a positive quality or observation, describe that positive experience here and give compliments to the child/respondent parents if appropriate.

    5. In conclusion, based upon the information contained in the CASA Court Report, the CASA volunteer should be able provide explanation, reasoning and rationale; pertaining to the recommendations (listed below)

    Continuing Education

    Summer is a Great Time to get Continuing Education hours!  Below are some helpful resources to learn and contribute more!

    Mandatory Reporting
    If you have not completed the revised Mandatory Reporter Training please do so.  The training can be found at https://www.coloradocwts.com/mandated-reporter-training

    Know when you should make the call by reviewing this helpful article.  http://co4kids.org/community/colorado-mandatory-reporters-you-need-make-call-yourself

    Understand Mandatory Reporting Laws and Enforcement.   http://www.journal-advocate.com/sterling-local_news/ci_31948549/mandatory-reporting-law-poorly-understood-and-seldom-enforcedThe Opioid Crisis and Foster Care

    The Opioid Crisis
    Learn more about this ever increasing issue affecting children and families by reviewing this article. http://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/393129-opioid-crisis-sending-thousands-of-children-into-foster-care

    Childhood Trauma
    Childhood Trauma and Immigration practices concerning children have been a buzzing topic in the news.  Please take a moment to review National CASA’s Position Statement concerning the separation of children form their parents during the immigration process.

    Learn about the effects of childhood trauma. https://qz.com/1297342/the-emerging-and-devastating-evidence-that-childhood-trauma-could-affect-the-next-generation/

    Learn about Trauma Informed Practices to better serve your CASA Kids.

    Please be sure to record all of your training time in Optima.  Please include the link to any online articles or trainings.  For in person trainings please include a summary, the names and credentials of the presenters for review by your Advocate Manager.


Volunteer Supervision

May be arranged individually. Please Contact Colleen for assistance at 970 531-9390 ext. 3

May be arranged Individually. Please contact Laurie for assistance at 970 531-9390 ext. 4

If you need commonly used CASA forms or templates, please contact your Advocate Manager.

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